October 26, 2020

Bella Vita Organic Vitamin C Face Wash Review| Indian Organic Skincare

October 26, 2020 4

Bella Vita Organic Vitamin C Face Wash Review | A complete herbal, organic and natural product 

We all love some Organic skincare and it's a cherry on the topping if the brand is Indian. The craze for some natural and organic skincare and haircare products never seem to dim.

Bella Vita Organic, an Indian Natural Skin and Hair Care brand which has an outreach to all over the world. This brand's products are Natural, Herbal, Vegan, effective and the best of all comes at a very affordable price point. 

Recently I got my hands on  Bella Vita Organic Vitamin C Face Wash and this blog post is all about its detailed review and whether it worked out and fulfilled its claims. 

The Bella Vita Organic Vitamin C Face Wash comes in a sturdy bottle packaging with a outer sealed packaging leaving no chances for any kind of leakages. Its completely travel friendly making it safe to carry around and slip it into your bag.

Fragrance and consistency:
The face wash has a very natural fragrance with no nasties involved and has a runny consistency but foams up real well!

The face wash has a brownish Tint to it and has real coffee beans  in it.

225 ml of face wash retails for 249 INR. 

It's currently on an amazing sale price so grab them before the sale ends. Click here to buy.

Ingredient list:
The Facewash has a very clean ingredient list with some amazing promising things in it. The list has been curated in a manner in which the ingredient occupying the highest percentage is at the top. 


  • Impart a natural glow and De-tan
  • Control acne, oil and sebum production
  • Minimize pores and fine lines
  • Reduce pigmentation, blemish, scar removal
My experience:
I have been suffering from cystic acne for years now, no specific face wash seems to work for me. It's either too harsh and strips away my natural oils or loaded with a lot of synthetic colours and fragrances. 

Luckily Bella Vita Organic's Vitamin C face wash is a very mild,gentle facewash which has the perfect consistency and doesn't even strip away my natural oils and make my skin dry. 

I have been using it for quite sometime and it has significantly reduced my acne and blemishes. 

Having a combination skin type comes with its perks too, I have excess oil and sebum production around my T-zone but this Vitamin C face wash definitely helped me achieve a less oilier T-zone. 

Overall it did impart a hint of natural glow to my face. The best part which I liked about this product is that its cruelty free and eco friendly packaging with safe ingredients!

  • Cruelty free
  • Sulphate and paraben free
  • Natural products
  • No synthetic dyes
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent results, cost effective
  • It's for all skin types
  • Not much efficient in removing heavy oil based makeup 
Otherwise it's an amazing skincare product.

Rating: 4.9/5

Will I repurchase?
Yes , definitely it's worth a repurchase❤ you should definitely give this a try. To buy click here 

Thank you for reading so far, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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September 27, 2020

Good Vibes Pomegranate Glow Toner Review

September 27, 2020 0

Good Vibes is quite a new brand in the skincare world marketed by Purplle. Their products from  skincare range are quite affordable and effective. They are especially helpful for students and beginners who want to start with their skincare regime. 

Now recently I purchased a few products from good vibes and one of them was the Good  Vibes Pomegranate Glow Toner . It's one of the top rated and best selling product on purplle, you might even get it on Amazon. 

 Mind you purplle has exclusive offers going on everytime on their website and app which is amazing!

Best part about most of good vibes products are that they are sulphate,paraben , cruelty free. 


The toner comes in a sturdy brown plastic bottle with a spray nozzle for easy application which is very commendable.  There's hardly any chance for leakage and it's very travel friendly.

Fragrance and Consistency:

The toner is loaded with pomegranate fragrance which is very refreshing but might be a problem if you are too sensitive to fragrance. 

The consistency is water like. It instantly gets absorbed into the skin leaving it refreshed. 

Ingredient list:


175 INR for 120 ML.


Minimizes appearance of pores, instantly refreshes skin, prevents pre mature aging, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

My experience:

I really liked the fruity fragrance of the toner. It gave me an instant refreshing feel on my skin. As to the glow factor is concerned it did impart a hint of glow.

You can even use it as a face mist, Works amazingly, you can also use it as a makeup setting spray for that added subtle glow.

But as far the claims of reducing fine lines are concerned I didn't notice any visible results. 

Overall, a decent affordable Toner . 

Benefits of toner:

▪︎ Pocket friendly

▪︎ Cost effective 

▪︎ Refreshing fragrance

▪︎ Imparts a hint of glow 


▪︎Has colour

▪︎The fragrance might not go down well with people having sensitive skin

Rating: 4/5.

Will I repurchase again?

Definitely yes! I would highly recommend you to try this once. 

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September 4, 2020

Loreal Rapid Reviver Total Repair 5 Deep Conditioner Review

September 04, 2020 0

The Loreal rapid reviver conditioner is the hair care product for the new generation! So rightly formulated and produced. Our lives seems to move much faster now and we hardly get enough time to stop and care for ourselves. 

Self care is so important, guys! Take a day off or read a book, watch a series and so on! 

Now getting back on the track , I have been using the loreal total repair 5 shampoo for a long time and it's one of the best cleanser for my hair type(dry and fine). Currently I got my hands on the Rapid Reviver Conditioner and here's the review for you guys. 


Comes in a tube packaging with a sturdy flip cap.The tube is quite big and might be problem for taking it on travels. Overall a sturdy standard packaging.

Fragrance and Consistency:

The consistency is like a thick spa salon cream.Its so creamy in texture and glides smoothly on the hair. The fragrance is so amazing, i have been hoked to it ever since.


180ml retails for 24o INR.

For purchasing click here


As said by the  brand themselves-

  • It is the 1st daily conditioner that provides 2X more Repair to your hair
  • Infused with micro-ceramide serum which helps repair damaged hair
  • 2 times more visible results.

My Experience with Conditioner:
I really liked the improved total repair 5 conditioner,especially the fragrance that we are treated to. I washed off the conditioner immediately after applying from the lengths to the ends, leaving my scalp region.

It did keep up to the claims, when the brand said this conditioner does not require any leave in time. My hair felt a lot softer and smoother instantly. After completely drying off my hair, the fragrance was still there. By this time you must think that i am obsessed with the Fragrance which i am! hehe.

The conditioner did not play much part in repairing my hair and controlling the frizz specially in this monsoon season. But it did put up with the other claims.

  • affordable,cost effective
  • makes hair smooth and soft
  • no leave in time required
  • amazing fragrance
  • does not control frizz
  • does not cut down on dryness or hairfall.
Rating- 4/5. Definitely a product worth buying.

Would i repurchase? yes surely i would.

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August 13, 2020

Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask Review For Frizz Free And Stronger Hair | Honest Review

August 13, 2020 0

Now Mamaearth as a brand has quite the craze in the beauty market. They have a great buzz and every influencer talking about their products. Personally I wanted to try them out too and get my hands on the top rated products out there. 

Recently bought the Mamaearth Argan Hair mask (for frizz free and stronger hair) after reading the amazing reviews on leading web stores and here's my unbiased honest review about it.

Also read : Mamaearth Oil Free Moisturizer Review


The hair mask comes in 2 sizes. A tube packaging and a big tub size.

 I went for the smaller tube packaging as I wanted to see if it works out for my hair before investing in a bigger size. I would highly recommend you to do the same too. Smart Consumer trick ,you say!

Fragrance and Consistency:

Mamaearth procducts do not have any fragrance so that's amazing! 

But talking about the consistency,  it's a very thick white cream . Takes a little bit more time to emulsify and seep into the hair as compared with other leading companies.


"CERTIFIED TOXIN FREE- Asia’s First MadeSafe Certified Brand, No parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances etc."

This initiative is something I really liked about the brand. But they have only mentioned the key ingredients. 


200gms retail for 599 INR

25gms retails for 99 INR.


Mamaearth claims it's mainly formulated for keeping hair frizz free and keeping it healthy and strong.

  •  Argan oil is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. It is the ideal hair conditioner, and it can even help to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair. It also prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.
  • Hair often breaks and becomes brittle.This weakening can be linked to lower collagen levels, too. Collagen supplementation will strengthen the hair, 
  • Tea tree oil helps in unclogging hair follicles and nourishes your roots. This has been used as a great dandruff cure for ages. Tea tree oil is also very good for dry scalp. It moisturizes by nourishing your scalp and your hair really well.
  • Clinically tested in Europe, Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-free (Natural flower extracts for fragrance)
  • Asia’s First MadeSafe Certified Brand, No parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances etc

My experience with Argan Hair mask:

First of all it's a thick cream and it takes time to emulsify with the hair. Has a mild fragrance . It has to be applied before shampoo. Having applied the mask I waited for 1 hour and then went ahead and washed the hair.  
Clearly didn't notice any difference after the first wash. My hair felt a bit soft but as far as controlling frizz is concerned,  it didn't control it  

My experience was utterly disappointing. Mamaearth charged a great deal for this mask but it did not produce enough satisfactory results.

▪︎makes hair soft
▪︎is toxin free 
▪︎ dermatologically tested
▪︎controls frizz to a little extent

▪︎is not cost effective,  expensive
▪︎does not do what it claims
▪︎doesn't show results even after consistent use.
▪︎unnecessary craze about this product 

Rating- 3/5.

Would I repurchase this?
No, absolutely not. Just because its trending and flooded with good reviews, does not mean it will suit every hair type. If you still want to give it a shot I would highly recommend to go for the smaller version first.

Thank you for reading so far.

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July 23, 2020

Mamaearth Oil Free Moisturiser For Acne Prone Skin Review | My Honest Experience With Mamaearth Products

July 23, 2020 4
Almost on all major retail sites you can see mamaearth products leading your search results, be it for a cream or a hair mask. 
Mamaearth products have such great reviews over all major shopping sites like Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart and so on. Every blogger or Youtuber keeps talking about how amazing their products are! 

All these really influence consumers like us to go buy them but does Mamaearth products actually work? Do they show results they claim to do?

I bought the  Mamaearth Oil Free Moisturiser with Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne Prone Skin and here's my honest review about it.


The Moisturiser comes in a sturdy tube packaging having no chance of leakage.
Making it a standard travel friendly product.

Fragrance and Consistency:

The product has no fragnance. It is formulated in such a way so that thhe Moisturiser is way safer to use without added harmful chemicals.

The Moisturiser claims to be light weight but feels heavy on the skin a bit. Not ideal for summer seasons.

299 INR for 80ml.

Only the key ingredients are mentioned on the package hiding the chemicals and other ingredients used.

Here are the following claims made by the brand
  • "Prevents Acne & Pimples A non comedogenic face moisturizer for acne prone skin that helps effective moisturization 
  • Non Greasy Formula The moisturizer feels light and is non-greasy. 
  • For Acne Prone Skin A specialized product meant for acne prone skin to not just help get rid of existing acne & pimples, but also reduces their reoccurrence.
  • Provides Effective Hydration It penetrates the open pores & removes excess oil. 
  • Natural & Toxin Free Free from Sulfates, Paraben, SLS, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Artificial Preservatives, Colors & Fragrance"

My Experience after using the product:
I had been using the Moisturiser for over 4 weeks , that's enough time for a product to show its results but somehow it did nothing for my skin!

Moreover I saw small bumps all over my face. My pimples were never prevented on the other hand my acne conditions got worse!
I discontinued the use of this cream after that. 

▪︎ is free from toxins, fragrance
▪︎ is non greasy
▪︎ moisturizes skin

▪︎did react to my skin , caused breakouts
▪︎not worth the price. 

Rating- 3.5/5

Will I buy the product again?
No, I had a lot of expectations from Mamaearth products but somehow it did not work out for me. Wasn't worth the hype people are creating online. 

Thank you for reading so far.

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June 26, 2020

Acne, PCOS, Dusky Skin Tone And Anxiety

June 26, 2020 7
This blog is dedicated to all those amazing people out there who are battling it out!

Omg! What happened to your face?

Your face looks so swollen.

Why don't you use medication to reduce your acnes?

Try using some skin brightening techniques!

You look so tanned!

Always use sunscreen or you are gonna get another shade darker skin tone!

Try using makeup to cover up all these pimples.

You should go see a doctor!
Madam/sir you should use this product because your skin looks terrible- every beauty counter personnel 
Relatable much? I know. I face them too. 
Every single day. 

Some People think we don't look at our faces in the mirror every morning.  Sorry to break it to you but we are aware of all the bumps, patches and acnes on our skin! And our skin tone too!

We don't need reminders every time you pass by us or see a picture of us!

When I was younger , these lines used to have a havoc impact on me. I kept on thinking what my neighbours commented about my skin tone and its problems.  

Growing up I have always been a kid who would go out to play every evening.  I am sure it was a similar case about you? 

I had a tanned complexion which made people question me why don't I use something to lighten my skin tone. I turned a deaf ear to them!

People and their obsession with fair skin! 

Earlier in 2017, I was diagnosed with PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome)my skin started breaking out pretty badly. I tried out every possible anti-acne treatment but somehow nothing seemed to help me!
I would cry sometimes looking at my pathetic situation. I suffered from anxiety. The only way I looked better was by patting a thick layer of foundation over my face. 

No it didn't help me to have a better mental health because as soon as I washed off my makeup, there I was standing bare faced and looking at my skin which seemed to be even more inflamed!

Years have passed by since then. I have learned to accept my skin the way it looks. Took me time but I am here now! I attend my college lectures without a single drop of makeup on my skin because I am not afraid to show what my real skin looks like!

Don't get me wrong I still love doing my makeup. I love creating looks. But just a reminder that you can love yourself both ways!❤

No I am not a girl with extraordinare facial features but a girl who knows what it feels like when you are already at a battle with yourself.

The most important thing I learned is be kind to yourself,  love yourself,  you are beautiful and we are not in a rat race! We grow and glow at our own pace❤

P.s- never listen to beauty counter personnels. They often lie to sell out their products.😂


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June 23, 2020

Biotique Bio Honey Water Toner With Himalayan Water Review

June 23, 2020 0
Lately everyone has been a huge fan of biotique products and their fan base is till growing! The main reason being their Ayurvedic products which makes them a therapeutic skincare products.They have dedicated themselves to treat every Indian skin problem with their amazing product range . 

Biotique has been our trusted brand when it comes to skincare. It has launched their toners in 2 varities: Bio Cucumber And the Bio Honey Water.

The importance of toning cannot be stressed enough. Toning maintains the pH balance of your skin which cuts down on the oiliness and process to pimples.

Let's get into the detailed review now:

Biotique Bio Honey Water Toner

The product comes in a sturdy bottle packaging with a green cap on top.
The 120ml bottle will pretty much last for a long time!

Consistenscy and Fragnance:
The toner has a mild fragrance and has a light honey colour to it.

175 INR  for 120ml.

How to use:
  • Wash your face with a mild facewash or Biotique Bio Honey gel Foaming Facewash(click here) pat dry
  • Take a cotton pad and pour some toner liquid on it OR
  • Take some amount on your palm and then dab it on to your face (this reduces  product wastage as cotton pad soaks up a lot!)
  • Dab it onto your face to let the product seep into your skin completely. Done!

    Experience after using this product
    I really loved the way this toner from Biotique has turned out! It gave my skin an instant healthy look after application. Helped in reducing acne upto some extent. And it will definitely suit all skin types. Being fortified with Honey and Himalayan water it helps improve the skin texture a lot!

    What this Biotique toner claims:
    • Helps reduce the risk of skin aging and other harmful effects of the sun.
    • Formulated to bring the complexion into perfect pH balance and keep skin at its purest state.

    • Cost effective, affordable 
    • Easily available 
    • Cruelty free,chemical free, dermatological tested
    • Improves skin conditions 
    • Helps in Moisturizing
    • Tightens pores hen used consistently
    • Maintains the normal PH balance of skin.

    • Leakage prone!
    • May take long time to show results on some skin types.

    Will I suggest you to buy this ? Definitely yes! What are you waiting for?❤ go grab this amazing toner.

    May 25, 2020

    Top 10 Nail Polishes Worth Spending Your Money On | Best Nail polishes for 2020

    We are all crazy people when it comes to buying numerous nail paints.Choosing a single colour to apply on nails turns out to be a difficult task. 
    All we want is a nail polish which will make our nails stand out and provide a bit of care and nourishment to our nails.  Nail paints instantly enhances any look and we all love a bit of nail pampering session.
    A pop of colour on nails instantly brightens up our mood! Doesn't it?

    After a lot a Reviews and a hours of research here are the best nail polish brands available in the market with a quite affordable price range.

    1. MyGlamm LIT Nail Enamel

    This LIT Nail Enamel collection from MyGlamm won the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2019. The laquer provides a great glossy shine to your nails and is chip- resistant! What more? It is completely free from 10 toxic harmful ingredients used in manufacturing polishes. Formulated in Luxembourg 

    Price: 190 INR. Exclusively available on Nykaa and MyGlamm sites and apps.

    2. Colorbar Nail Laquer

    This Nail Laquer from Colorbar is the winner of the Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards 2019 and is packed with the goodness of keratin and argan oil!
    Features which make this nail paint stand out:
    ▪︎Chip-resistant and non-yellowing
    ▪︎Formulated with a 7-free formula: without formaldehydes, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, camphor, paraben, and xylene
    ▪︎Dermatologically tested
    ▪︎Made in France and Luxembourg
    Price: 199 INR. 

    3. O.P.I  Nail laquer

    Do we need an introduction for this brand? Guess not! O.P.I nail polishes are -Long-lasting with high-gloss shine upto 7 days.
    - Contains no DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde.
    No wonder why it is a favourite nail laquer around the world. 
    Price: 850 INR | $10.50 across nations

    4. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Colour

    Sally Hansen a brand acclaimed by people worldwide for its glossy unique colours and the nail protection it provides
    • ▪︎Long-wearing, fade-resistant and waterproof nail color that offers extra strength
    • ▪︎prevent against chipping
    • ▪︎Features a 3-free formula which means it is free from toluene, DBP and formaldehyde
    • Price: 249 INR

    5. Nykaa Nail Paints

    Nykaa offers a great variety of nail paints ranging from wedding editions,  matte, cookie crumble, nail care to high quality salon finish paints. Making it difficult for us to finally choose what to add to our carts! All the nail polishes have a high colour payoff and has an amazing glossy finish. 
    What makes Nykaa nail paints unique:
    ▪︎The patented two-fold plasticizer prevents chipping. 
    ▪︎Contains a UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing. 
    ▪︎The Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection is FIVE FREE.
    ▪︎The Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection is NOT tested on animals and contains no animal-derived ingredients.
    Price: ranginging from 179 INR to 249 INR.

    6. Faces Canada Splash Nail Enamel

    FACES Canada already has a high reputation in the cosmetic world. A brand we can trust without thinking twice.  The nail enamel has a high colour payoff 
     Its unique Features includes:
    • ▪︎Quick-drying, long-lasting finish Chip defying formula
    • ▪︎ Affordable and easily available 
    • ▪︎Formulated with non harmful plasticizers
    • Free from Toluene, DBP, Camphor and Formaldehyde
    • Price: 109 INR.

    6. Kiko Milano Smart Nail Lacquer 

    Kiko Milano is a quick-drying Smart Nail Lacquer made with the special formula and ingredients that set the colour in just a few seconds. The lacquer's smooth texture allows for a flawless application. The laquer also claims to be Quick-drying ,Dermatologically tested (provided with low sensitization),formulated without parabens

    Price: 290 INR.

    7. Sugar Tic Tac Toe Nail Laquer

    The Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer claims High Reflection Resin System formula providing high concentration of solids that provide the perfect single-stroke plumping-effect coating.
    • crafted with state-of-the-art premium formulation featuring colour-protecting UV filter and patented 2-fold plasticizer that guards against chipping.
    • Nine-Free Non-Toxic Formula 
    • Price: 249 INR.

    8. L'oreal Paris Colour Riche A L'Huile

    L'Oreal brings us a nail polish formulated with a blend of precious oils and intense color pigments, for powerful color payoff and shine in one stroke. Packed in a very unique way with a royal look to it. Its other 

    The wide fan shaped brush with over 400 bristles allows for a precise and smooth application 
    • ▪︎Nail polish enriched with a blend of precious oils.
    • ▪︎Oil-Shine based nail paints.
    • ▪︎Intense color pigments.
    • ▪︎Drip-resistant.
    • Price:299 INR

    9.Maybelline New York Colour Show

    We all agree that at some point we all have used the Maybelline New York Nail polish didn't we?  And this nail polish is worth spending your bucks on.
    • Beautiful matte texture.
    • Bright colours that are highly pigmented.
    • Long lasting formula.
    • Price: 150 INR.

    10. Lakme Absolute Gel laquer
    Lakme has always lived upto the expectations of its consumers , so be the case with with the Gel laquer! Gives a high gloss finish with a perfect coverage.

    Price: 250 INR

    (P.s : Non of the above brands are sponsored,  rankings are totally based on personal use)

    May 11, 2020

    Beginner's guide to wearing contact lens| Aqualens contact lens review

    Are you a dedicated contact lens wearer or planning to buy sometime soon? Here's something you definitely should be knowing before taking the leap.

    Contact lenses are a great substitute to wearing glasses, be it with power or just colour lenses. 

    Recently Aqualens(marketed by Lenskart)has been trending in the market for its amazing and affordable lens collection of both daily disposables and monthly changing lenses. I have been wearing lenses for the past 5 years and have been choosing Alcon lenses. Don't get me wrong, I love Alcon lenses too, but I wanted to try Aqualens for a very long time and I finally made the switch!

    Before we dive into the detailed review  here's some things you should be knowing:

    Benefits of wearing contact lenses:

    1.keeps your power stable for a longer time/prevents fluctuations
    2.there's no uneasiness 
    3.less drama than glasses, provides better side vision
    4. If you are someone who performs on stage often, contact lenses are a better option for you.
    5. If you are someone with a high power, definitely opt for lenses because they are cheaper than glasses.

    There's an unpopular opinion saying "Contact lenses are only for style purposes and they are harmful to the eyes"  This is totally false.

    1. They can lead to corneal infection if and only if not maintained properly .
    2. If you have opted for monthly disposable lenses,  you need to maintain your lenses.

    Detailed Aqualens review

    The lenses come with a free solution

    Having cylindrical power I purchased Aqualens 24 Hours Toric monthly lenses for my all day use. They are also available in 10 hours using packages

    The lenses come in a box containing 3 lenses. The packaging is quite amazing and the lenses are in sturdy individual packs with enough fluid in each. 

    Each box retails for 1100 INR.(3 lenses)
    Currently Lenskart is offering a good deal on Aqualens . The discounted price is 899 INR. 
    You can buy them on on Aqualens website or on Lenskart app. You can use my code SANCM61K for 50 Lk cash! Click here

    If you are someone who wants to buy colour lenses you can avail them for 299 INR Only! Which I think is a pretty much great deal!

    • UV blocking
    • High water content
    • HD clarity vision
    • Made in UK
    Other features

    My experience with Aqualens 
    • I had all day comfort wearing my contacts
    • Gave me a very clear vision that is commendable
    • Never had any infections or irritations

    Overall had a very pleasant experience, thank you Lenskart . I had ordered them on their app during the lockdown and got my delivery withing 4 days! Their store managers where always there to guide me over phone while placing the order.

    Should you be buying this? 
    Definitely. A thumbs up for this product❤
    Click here for website link

    April 24, 2020

    Beat the Heat This Summer With These Skin care tips| Must have products

    April 24, 2020 3

    Biotique |Mamaearth|Wow science|Kama Ayurveda|Pond's|Nykaa|Himalaya|Neutrogena| Vlcc

    Looking for the perfect products /tips this summer? Look no further , we have it all sorted
    Summer seasons usually a huge toil on our face and body and mainly  lead to excessive sun tans, fungal infections , spreading of acnes among other ailments. This is definitely the time to be taking extra care of your face and body.

    Our skin tends to secrete more facial oils and that in turns makes our skin oilier.
    Listed down are some tips that will surely help you in these desperate times!

    Note: even if you are indoors most of the time , don't miss your skincare routine!
    Remember Consistency is the key.

    1. Cleanse your face but don't over do it

    Even people with dry skin feels a sudden secretion of facial oils on their face which in turn clogs the pores.
    The T zone of our face is the oiliest. We need to wash our face with a cleanser at least 2 times and maximum 3 times. Over doing this step will strip your skin of the essential facial oils.

    Recommended: Biotique Honey Gel Foaming Facewash at 119 INR.
    Mamaearth Ubtan Facewash for 249 INR

    2.Tone and moisturize your face

    Toning and Moisturising brings out that healthy glow in our skin.
    Toning your skin is essential, if you are someone who never used toner before, how is the time to add it to your beauty regime. Try choosing an alcohol free toner. A toner maintains the right pH level of your skin and keeps it at its purest state.

    Recommended: Biotique Pore Tightening Toner with Himalayan Water priced at 175 INR or
    Plum Green Tea Alcohol free Toner priced at 390 INR.

    Sometimes you may feel like applying Moisturisers are make you sweat a lot and therefore skipping it will be fine . Please do not do this, this step will render your face drier than before.

    Recommended: Pond's light moisturizer at 120 INR or
    Mamaearth Oil-free Face Moisturiser priced at 299 INR.
    For your body you may try-
    Kama Ayurveda Mandarin Vetiver Moisturizer

    3. Always , always, always apply a sunscreen.
    This step is not to be missed at all.
    I agree applying some sunscreen makes our face sweat more.  Choose a non comedogenic sunscreen especially if you are suffering from acne.

    Recommended: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock sunscreen at 199 INR or
    Vlcc matte look sunscreen

    4. Use a face pack / clay mask

    Using a face mask during summer is most beneficial now. Profuse sweating may clog our pores and lead to blackheads or whiteheads.
    Try using any face mask of your choice.
     You can even make one DIY with all homemade natural ingredients available in your kitchen.

    Recommended: Nykaa Clay it Cool mask priced at 599 INR OR
    Himalaya Neem face pack priced at 75 INR. ( This product has been my favorite since the time I suffered from acne, I can never find a substitute for this )

    5. Keep applying lipbalm

    To everyone who needs to hear this: Your lips need equal amount of nourishment both during summers and winters. Try using a lipbalm which has some amount of SPF in it before stepping out. Keeping your lips bare may cause then to crack even more.
    Apply your favorite all time lip balm for this summer.