December 4, 2019

5 hair care tips that will change the game

5 hair care tips that Is is going to change the game: dandruff ,hairfall,receeding hair line solutions

I am pretty sure you must have read many articles , watched youtube tutorials,  followed beauty bloggers too. Well I did all of the above once too but nothing seemed to help. I lost more hair strands in the process which led to bald patches in my scalp. Now to be very honest, no one's hair is perfectly silky smooth without some heated styling tools and some harsh hair products which do the trick. The tips which I will be sharing with you are tried and tested and based on my own personal experience. 

Without further delay let's dive in straight to the tips now :

1. Learn to Love your hair first ❤The best thing you can do is to love your mane regardless of its quality and quantity. Remember your hair growth depends on your genes too and never on the hair supplements or cosmetics.  I know its stressful when you loose out a lot of hair but trust me worrying about it won't stop it from falling instead it will increase your hairfall.

2. Do Wash your hair brush everytime you shampoo.
Make it a point to wash your hair comb everytime after you shampoo your hair. When your hair dries up and you are about to detangle the knots do not use an unclean brush. The hair brush will in turn transfer dirts and oil residues on your scalp making it messy and leading to hairfall.

3. Do not try all the home remedies you find on the internet. 
All home remedies you get over the internet may not work for you . For instance I tried applying egg and banana on my hair strands but unfortunately did not work out for me. Every time I applied it I ended up loosing more hairs. 

4. Shampoos do not alter your hair texture, HAIR SPAs do.
No matter how costly shampoos we use , it won't  help in the long run.  Shampoos only help us to keep the scalp clean. You may instead opt for effective shampoos which are void of sulphate, minerals and silicones.
The tip which will actually help you manage your locks - go for spas. If you don't have the time to visit a salon , buy a hair mask and do it from the comfort of your home plus it saves you a lot of bucks too! 
I will never suggest you to make a hair spa mask at home using kitchen products because those doesn't always work out for you,instead buy a mask from a trusted shop to avoid buying fake first copies.

5. Do oil your hair,even if you have dandruff problem or the parlour lady tells you that oiling will worsen your dandruff problem .

I will personally advice you to oil your hair before shampooing everytime. But make sure the oil you are using doesn't have mineral oil. I repeat do not use mineral oils. Search online for the oil that will suit your hair type. Spend on oil that is free from harmful chemicals and see your hair problems go away!

Thank you if have read so far. I hope you try these tips. I am sure its gonna help you❤

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