December 26, 2019

5 Most Affordable and Cheap Skin Care Products to Use During Winters

5 Affordable and Amazing Products You  Should Definitely Try .

It's finally winter here! We waited so long for the hot summer to bid adieu. This is also the time of the year when we hesitate before stepping out of our homes everytime. The chilling winter season can also bring havoc on our skin and hair. Here's are the top 5 affordable products that you should definitely use during this season.

1. Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash

In winters our skin tends to dry up a lot and cause scratches on skin. When we clean our face with facewash, it strips our skin of the natural oil and further dries it up.  This face wash from Himalaya cleans your skin, cooks it and moisturizes it too. Suitable for all skin types even for the most sensitive ones.
Price : 50ml retails for 65 INR
            100 ml retails for 120 INR

2. NIVEA Nourishing Lotion, Body Milk

Winters are definitely incomplete without a NIVEA product in our vanity.  This body lotion is targeted for this with very dry skin. I wouldn't recommend you to use it during summers if you have normal skin type as your skin may feel a bit greasy. But this winter time is best for using this lotion. Skin won't dry out for a very long time after using this and it also prevents scaling of the skin.
Price: 200 ml retails for 220 INR
             400ml retails for 340 INR
            600 ml retails for 499 INR

3.Kara Aloe Vera & Cucumber Cleansing & Hydrating Face Wipes

We may not always feel like washing our face everytime we reach home or before bed time. Using a wet wipe to remove all the dirt and oil build up from the skin gives us pretty good results. The brand Kara provides us with extremely soft wet wipes with an amazing fragnance. Using a wet to cleanse the skins works great and doesn't breakout.The Best thing is the packaging which helps the wipes retain their moisture for long. 
Their are many other wet wipes which claim the same but based on my personal use, I would recommend this brand.
Price:10 wipes Retails for 50 INR
         30 wipes retails for 110 INR.

4. Biotique Bio Apricot Refreshing Body wash

Using a soap on daily basis strips your skin of the essential body oil and bares the top layer of the skin. This soap-free body wash from biotique smells great and doesn't dry out the skin,maintains the normal pH balance. Definitely worth the money. Give this a try you won't regret buying this.
Price:190 ml retails for 180 INR
           200ml retails for 199 INR.

5. Vaadi Herbals Orange lip balm

We tend to buy a lot of lip balms hoping they would work well for us but instead they dry out our lips more causing them to crack and bleed at times. This lip balm from Vaadi Herbals is not only cheap but also best in this category.  It never dries out the lips and keeps them moisturized for long hours.
You can find a detailed review here.
Price:6 gm retails for 40 INR ONLY!!!
            10 GM retails for 52 INR 

Thank you for reading so far, I hope you give these amazing products a try! ❤These reviews and recommendations are totally based on my personal use. 

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