December 7, 2019

Beauty People Sheer Colour Lipstick Review

The Brand Beauty People Launches Lipsticks at a Very Affordable Price Range.

The other day when I was visiting the site Orange Something,  I came across a lipstick at a sale price of just 69 INR! Unbelievable right? This particular brand name was totally new to me.  At first there was some hesitation before buying but finally I ended up buying it.

So here's a honest review about the Beauty People Sheer colour lipstick in the shade- just natural 404.

The lipstick comes in a small size,  a very handy one. You can carry it anywhere, even in your pocket.

Consistency :
The lipsticks gives you  a metallic effect with a matte shade. It's not so creamy as claimed. For giving your lips a bright shade, you need to reapply the lipstick consistently.

3.8 gm retails for 149 INR.
Its recently on a sale at the orange something website for only 79 INR.

What the Brand Claims:

  • The lipstick provides a matte finish with a long lasting effect throughout your day.
  • The product claims that in one stroke you get a vibrant colour on your lips.
  • Further prevents your lips from drying up.

My Experience of Using the Lipstick:

  • This lipshade has a bold colour payoff  and gives off a vibrant shade.
  • The shade came exactly as it was in the picture advertised. 
  • It  did not dry up my lips . But it was not creamy in nature.
  • Has a pleasant smell.
  • You can apply a layer of your favorite lip balm before using this lip colour. Works great!

Plus Points
the price is very affordable
● doesn't dry up your lips
●the lipsticks are available in vibrant shades.
● is very travel friendly

the lipcolour doesn't stay for long and ●definitely not smudge proof.
●may cause your lips to crack afterwards.


Should you buy this?
If you want to try a lipstick at such an affordable range ,do go for it!

Thank you for reading so far❤

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