December 12, 2019

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Garnier Micellar Cleansing water : a revolutionary makeup removing product in the growing cosmetic world.

A makeup remover is a must in everyone's cosmetic stacks. Now , recently garnier has launched its micellar water in many variants like- the oil infused for all skin types , the one mainly for sensitive skin types and one for removing waterproof makeup.
And people all over the world are already a fan of it, the craze never seems to stop.
 As i suffer from acne and zit problems i chose the one for sensitive skin. Since then there has been no turning back.

Here's busting some myths for you: Applying makeup won't cause your skin to breakout but not removing makeup effectively will clog your skin pores and result in rashes and breakouts. All you need is a good skin care regime.

To everyone who has faced allergies , rashes from using makeup removers - This product is definitely for you!
Having used this product for some months now , here's a review about it:


The mi-cellar bottle comes in a transparent recyclable plastic bottle with a sturdy pink flip cap which won't spill the product .There Is minimal chance of leakage and you can carry this makeup remover during your travels  without any hassle


The Product has a water like consistency . You will feel like only water is being used to  remove your makeup but with added useful substances. The product has no added fragrance or alcohol which makes it a top product in market demand . You might not even wash your face after using this.


You can find this product in various sizes:
50 ML retails for 75 INR.
125 ML retails for 175 INR.
400 ML Retails for 349 INR.

Experience of using this product.

This product rightly lives up to whatever it claims. Plus the mi-cellar water is free from parabens, sulphates, alcohol!  Surely you must give this awesome makeup remover a try, i assure you won't regret it. Garnier has definitely come a long way in all these years. No doubt why this is a favourite product world wide. All you need is some cotton pads or balls to remove your stubborn makeup gently. No harsh rubbing is required . Definitely turned out to be a savior for me. The only thing is that: you will need is a good  quantity of the product, a small amount won't do. You may  not double cleanse your face after using this.

Plus points

●Has no sulphates, parabens or alcohol
●Won't leave makeup residues
●No harsh rubbing is required
●Suitable for all skin types and doesn't lead to skin problems
●Is not heavy on skin



Thank you for reading so far, I will see you soon in an upcomingpost. Do feel free to mail me here me if you have any suggestions . ❤

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