December 16, 2019

How to reduce and cure acne problems and scarring.

I am sure we all must have googled "how to reduce acne and some cures for it" once in a lifetime before stumbling upon this blog. 

Before we directly jump to the cures, let's understand the type of acnes, because different kind of acnes need different measure.

These are the major and common types of acne occurring. 

1. Pimples with pus
2. Active red ,swollen acne 
3.cystic acne
4. Hormonal acne
5.blackheads and whiteheads
6. Blood acne

Caused by clogged pores, ingrown hair, excess oil and so on.

Cystic acne, normal acne and blood acne require medical attention. 

Few years back I had a blood acne, but on consulting a dermatologist it turned out to be a-  Blood vessel tumour!

Having acnes will make you more conscious about your skin, might be the cause if your insecurity. Erase those thoughts! 

Love your skin , every part of it even with your acnes and win over the insecurities because you are more than just a person with acne prone skin.❤

Now let's start with the cures and tips :

1. Stop popping, poking and touching your pimples.

 I know it's very tough to keep your hands off your skin especially when you are facing acne problems but touching them worsens the problem.
If you pick at your pimples with pus and it ejects blood, it may scar your skin .

2. Do not try every home-made remedy you find on the internet!

My fight with acnes is an old one. I tried on every home made remedies. In some cases it backfired! Causing my skin to break out more!

So do patch test before trying out all home remedies. Some will definitely work out.

3. Avoid applying oily products on your skin 

Apply a moisturizer that's  not too oily and greasy. Some people use coconut oil to remove makeup and it works out fine for them, but in case you are struggling with sensitive, acne prone skin do not use coconut oil or any other related products.

4. If you have a very sensitive skin, do not shave your skin using a facial hair shaver.

Shaving off your facial hair is a trend now  and is a part of  grooming your face, I agree. But you have to avoid it in case you are having acnes. DO NOT SHAVE YOUR FACIAL HAIR WHEN YOU HAVE ACTIVE ACNES.

5. Using essential oils to reduce acne

Ever since the launch of essential oils , it has been an absolute favorite for many of us. Now essential oils actually treat your acnes effectively causing the scars to go away too! 

Essential oils of Bergamot, tea tree help a lot in reducing acnes. Just use it in a diluted form everytime.

6. Do not invest on expensive acne treating creams and ointments. 

You may search on the web and come across a variety of options for treating your acnes and scars.  Definitely read the Reviews first before you buy that.  
Costly creams and in ointments doesn't work out always. You may get the desired result even in a Acne Star ointment which costs you only 70 INR.

7. Be patient for the results to show up.

Acnes won't vanish overnight.  You need to have faith in your treatment and be patient. The process may take 2 -3 months but you will definitely get the desired results. And remember You look good with acne or without it.  

If you have been suffering from acne problems for years and nothing seems to work,consult a dermatologist, you may even try out homeopathic treatment. 

Thank you for reading so far❤ i will see you soon in another upcoming post. 


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