December 3, 2019

Maybelline the city mini eye-shadow palette shade - urban jungle

Maybelline the City Mini Eyeshadow Palette Shade -Urban Jungle Review 

Who isn't a fan of Maybelline makeup products? We all are! For a past few months I was looking for a eyeshadow palette that would give me a classy look . I searched for different brands until i stumbled upon this one and decided to buy it without any hesitation. So here's a unbiased , non-sponsered and honest review of the eye shadow palette.


There's a total of 6 shades that come in a cute ,sturdy and very portable box. Totally travel friendly, carry it anywhere you like.  Whether you go for a brunch or a part!

The palette retails for 780 INR.

Features & details
  The way the product advertises
The City Mini Palette features six dramatic shades that are perfect for creating custom eye makeup looks.
1.Master your own NYC moment with a collection of perfectly curated eyeshadow

2.From graffiti pop and concrete runway to rooftop bronzes and chill brunch neutrals

3.Make a lasting impression with Maybelline’s six-shade mini eyeshadow palette"

How to create the perfect effect

If you are looking to mix and match the shades, go for it! The shades are perfectly pigmented and meant for long stays. There's a complete and basic guide printed on the back of the eyeshadow palette on how to create the perfect effect that you want. 

Plus points of using this maybelline product

●The shades are extremely well pigmented 
●they stay on your eyelids for a long time
● causes no rashes or irritation on sensitive skin
● its definitely worth the money you spend.

Downsides to this

● the shades aren't waterproof, sweating will definitely lower down the effect you created
● the product is expensive and is not affordable everytime.

My rating - 4.5/5 . Definitely do check this out.

If you have read this far , thank you . Please do let me know about your thoughts and experiences.  Also reach out to me if you want me to review a product of your choice.❤

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