December 5, 2019

New Livon Serum Review

Livon presents the old classic hair serum in a new way with improved ingredients

We all have used the classic Livon serum once in a lifetime. I remember, back when I was in middle school , this serum used to be my go-to savior serum. After many years Livon has finally improvised and launched the product. And I wasted no time in trying this improved product out once again! Here we go again with a completely honest review based on my consistent personal use.

Packaging :
There's not much change In the packaging.
The hair serum comes in sturdy flip capped bottle with pink top. It's a travel friendly product. Slip it into your bag and apply whenever you need that extra boost of shine on hair.

Consistency :
The hair serum runs colorless and is thick in its consistency. It also has a mild, pleasing aroma.

Uses of this serum:
Claims to give salon styled hair instantly,
Application of this serum Detangles frizzy hair to give super smooth hair.
Gets rid of the dullness,  provides a glossy boost.
The best thing is that it can be applied anytime, anywhere- post shampoo or on the days in between.

50ml retails for 150INR 
100 ML Retails for 270INR.

How to use this:
1.Apply a few drops on freshly  shampooed hair from the tips upwards avoiding the scalp.  Never apply serum on the scalp as you will end up making the root area greasy.
2. If you feel your hair is drying up  and becoming unruly ,you can apply a few drops as needed. 

Plus points:
● definitely detangles hair for time being
● provides a pleasant smell to your beautiful hair.
●comes in a portable bottle.

● doesn't keep the hair frizz free
● there's not much improvement in the new pack
●doesn't improve hair texture at all.

I wouldn't recommend you to buy this serum.

If you have read this far , thank you❤ .
Do reach out to me if you have any suggestions.


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