December 9, 2019

Nivea Antiperspirant Roll on Review.

Nivea's anti perspirant roll on is a must have in every women's body hygiene collection :Nivea protect and care

Everytime Nivea launches a product it definitely tops the bestseller list once in a while .Its been a long a long time since Nivea has launched its deodrant roll on and has been a favourite product for millions over the world!

This product is definitely a saviour for us. It is also a best substitute for spray deodorants in case you have health problems like asthama or other breathing problems and are prohibited from using perfumes  .

 The Nivea roll on is available in many variants : protect and care, whitening, fresh beauty, pearl and natural.
I picked up the protect and care one and decided to give you a brief review on it.

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The roll on comes in a small glass bottle and a roll on applicator on top,with a blue cap on top, won't advice you to take on your travels because it may break anytime.

The liquid roll on is white in colour with a very liquid consistency. It has a very pleasant fragnance which stays on for a very long time.

50 ml retails for 185 INR.

What the product claims:

  • Nivea Roll-on  provides effective and lasting protection for underarms so we can enjoy our day being carefree and confident. 
  • The roll on deodorants are gentle on the skin and leave underarms feeling soft with a long-lasting dry feeling. 
  • Nivea claims that its roll ons are alcohol free. 
  • It also claims to provide long lasting fragnance for 48 hours at a stretch.

The Nivea roll-on totally lives upto its claims.

My experience of using this roll on:

I have been using Nivea roll ons for more than years now. It's the only brand I trust when it comes to the care of a very sensitive area of our skin. This product truly lives upto its claim. It provides complete protection to your skin and prevents odour formation. I would definitely suggest you to try this on once. You won't regret.

Using cheap hygiene roll ons may provide you with amazing fragrances but it leads to underarm darkening in the future. So definitely think before you choose and purchase  your hygiene products. Its not like any makeup products.

●has a pleasant smell
●provides complete protection 
●personal hygiene adds to your boost of confidence 
●cost effective
●The fragnance lasts long enough

●bottle is not travel friendly, may break.

This is a must try

Thank you for reading so far. I'll see you soon in another upcoming post ❤

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