December 4, 2019

Nykaa Naturals Orange Essential Oil Review

Nykaa  naturals orange essential oil review

At first let's clear all air about what an essential oil is:
an essential oil is typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odour of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.


The craze about the launch of Nykaa's natural essential oils in many flavours never seems to die down . Nykaa had launched a total of 19 variants of essential oils namely - Bergamot, Rose,Rosemary, Tea tree and the list goes on... 
I had been suffering from acne problems for a few months and I thought of checking out this oil . So here's a complete honest review of the orange essential oil:

The Nykaa orange essential oil comes in a completely sealed small glass blue bottle (to prevent sunlight from damaging the components)and is provided with a dropper. I won't recommend to take the bottle on a travel ,there's a chance of breakage.

Consistency :
The oil runs as clear as water with a hint of orange tint in it.

The essential oil comes in blue glass bottle with a dropper

Uses of orange oil:
Sweet orange oil is beneficial for maintaining the health, appearance,  and texture of the skin.
Brings back shine in the hair ,reduces dandruff and prevents  hair thinning.
The oil boosts the radiance and illuminates the skin , reducing acnes .
The strong smell of the oil works as anti-depressant and cheers up the mood. Has a calming and  uplifting aroma.

10ML/0.33OZ Retails for 350INR.

You can purchase it exclusively on the Nykaa site .

How to use the orange oil :
1.You may put a few drops in your diffuser to enjoy the calming aroma and relaxing effect of this oil.
2. A few  drops may be mixed with your favourite hair oil and add a vitamin E capsule. This mixture when applied to your scalp and hair brings wonderful results.( Use just 3-4 drops, do not exceed this limit)
3. Mix 1-2 drops with your face  moisturizer
4. You may also mix it with your favourite home made face mask .

Plus points of using this oil :
boosts the shine of hair
●reduces dandruff problem and other scalp allergies
● improves the texture of skin
● helps in fading acne scars and pigmentations on skin
● keeps you in a refreshing mood.

Downsides :
●the cost is slightly on the expensive side when compared to the quantity provided.
●the bottle is not travel friendly.
●takes quite a long time to fade acne scars and reduce their reappearance

You can definitely give this oil a try if you are having existing acne scars and dandruff problems.

Should you buy this?
Yes , if are suffering from dandruff problems or acnes you can surely give this a try, won't disappoint you.

Thank you for reading so far. I will see you soon in another upcoming post.❤

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