December 3, 2019

Patanjali kesh kanti oil review

Patanjali kesh kanti oil - from a brand promising you homeland ,beneficial products at an affordable range 

Some of us maybe a fan of patanjali products and some may not.  Pantajali products claim to be completely herbal with no side effects. I have been dealing with severe hair loss for the past few months so I decided to try this out. Here's my honest   review  and experience of using patanjali kesh kanti oil on my hair. (This review is not sponsored by patanjali)

Packaging of the oil
The oil comes in a plastic bottle and is prone to leakage , is not that travel friendly.

Consistency of the oil
The oil is sticky in nature and green in colour.

Price of the product 
100ml retails for 130INR.
Is available in any local stalls and online sites.

What the product claims to do:

Provide deep nourishment and strengthen the hair roots, prevent hair fall and dandruff, prevent graying hair and split ends. Useful in sleeplessness and head ache.

How to use
● It is advised to keep the oil overnight for best results however if you don't have time you may apply it some hours before shampooing.

● if you find the oil to be thick you,  you can add some coconut oil in it. 

Benefits of using kesh kanti oil
● Reduces hairfall( in some cases)
● Definitely detangles hair and makes it frizz free
● improves hair texture through consistent use.
● somewhat lives up to its claim although not totally herbal

Downsides of using this oil
● contains BHT (a chemical ingredient which can harm hair in the long term use)
● may cause increased hairfall in some cases.
● has a strong smell 

My rating for this product- 3.5/5

Thank you for reading so far.  ❤ I will see y'all soon. You may write to me at if you want me to review a product of your choice. 


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