December 6, 2019

Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel With Kesar Chandan Review

The Classic Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel is Presented in a New Variant With the Goodness of Kesar Chandan 

The importance and the craze about 
patanjali aloe vera gel has been undeniable.  This is found in almost every household and even in vanity bags. Recently the famous product came out in another variant with the goodness of Kesar chandan.

I was a bit picky when I went on to buy the original Pantanjali aloe vera gel. After buying this product, I have been applying this for nearly a year, became a fan instantly! so here's a very honest review about the aloe vera gel:

FIRSTLY let's talk about the benefits of aloe vera- 
●rejuvinates your skin
●treats pimples and acne effectively
●reduces dark circles and puffy eye areas
●provides moisture and hydration to your skin.
●evens out uneven skin tone.

You can obtain fresh aloe vera straight from an aloe plant too but in some cases I have seen people complaining that using raw aloe vera fresh cut from the plant causes skin irritations and some bumps in fewer cases . Also the process is messy at times. We are busy living our lives in the 21st century and we  definitely look out for easier options! So here is a perfect substitution for those freshly cut aloe vera gel from plant.

Now diving back straight to the review

This pantanjali product comes in plastic tube packaging with a golden flip cap. The product is available in two sizes-150 ml and
60 ml tube, I would suggest you to take the 60ml tube for traveling along with you.

The aloe vera gel with Kesar chandan is thick in consistency with orchard yellow colour gel. Once applied on the skin , you won't find any traces of the yellow colour. The gel is a bit sticky in nature due to the ingredients it contains.

150ml retails for 110INR
60 ml retails for 55 INR.

Experience of Using the Product
It really makes a difference from the very first use, you will feel your skin becoming hydrated and softer by each day through consistent use of this gel. The aloe vera gel effectively treats pimples and cures them.

Benefits of Using the Product 
●the price of the product is very cost effective
● treats pimples
● with consistent use you find your skin glowing. 
●provides needed nourishment to your skin.
●reduces dark spots

Nill(I did not find any)

Rating : 5/ 5
Definitely give this product a try!I personally loved it and I am looking forward to purchase another tube soon.

Thank you for reading this far! Do feel free to drop any reviews or suggestions❤


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