December 16, 2019

Tips And Tricks Before You Buy From Shein: Shein hacks

Things you should know before  you buy from Shein

The popularity of the online shopping website Shein has been on rise ever since its launch. Shein is a US shopping brand which launched in India in 2017 and we have gone crazy about it oversince.

You must have bought something or you are planning to do so , if its yes , this blog post is definitely for you, read on.

1. Collect and Use Shein points to get a discount on everything you purchase.

Collecting Shein points and using them during your checkout lowers the price you pay by 70%! Isn't a great deal? Unlike in other shopping apps you can lower the price of each and every item!!!
You just have to check in the app everyday for collecting the points. 
Here's how to do it:

Open the Shein app > go to Me section > click on Points > tap on Check In > you are done! 

Repeat this every day and see your points increase. After a certain point of time , use these while you check out.

Note:- you should use your points before they expire after a period of 3 months

2. Give your accurate measurements when you check out your appropriate size.

Shein has this amazing system of analysing the appropriate and perfect size for your fit, you just need to put in your right statistics in! 

3.Do size down for stretchable bottoms if needed. 

Sometimes you may find your pants or skirts to be a bit loose than expected, in such cases you need to size down. The size analyzing system may not be correct everytime.

4. Look out for the flash sale on the app

In many cases you may get your favourite wish listed item at less than half of its price! It's definitely a steal deal. Do keep an eye out for the flash sale everyday , you never know what product may come up next.  

I got a product worth 1100 INR For just 294 INR! PRETTY UNBELIEVABLE !

5. The quality of your tops and bottoms. 

We all know that pictures can be deceiving particularly when we shop online. The product seems to be thick, long and bright enough but when you receive the parcel , it turns out to be a bit disappointing. 

Shein advertises its tops and bottoms in such a way that you can't figure out if its see through or not or whether a skirt will be too short or long. This is something you should definitely keep in mind, otherwise its definitely my go to shopping site.

6. Delivery time

Unlike in other shopping apps , delivery of your shein package may take from 5 days to 15 or even 17 days in some cases. 

I remember,once my shein package took just 4 days to arrive and my friend's  package took 15 days to arrive even if we placed the order on the same day. So definitely do not opt for Shein if you want your package soon.  

Shein provides you with variety of amazing cloths sometimes even with brand new designs. It's my personal favourite among others. And I hope it will be your's too. 

Do feel free to comment your opinions❤

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