December 5, 2019

Vaadi Herbals Renewal Therapy Orange Lip Balm Review

Vaadi herbals orange lip balm review

There's been quite a craze about Vaadi Herbal's products in the recent years. The Vaadi Herbal brand produces amazing products at very affordable prices. 

Before a few weeks i was online shopping where this lip balm caught my sight and I decided to pick it up and give it a try. It wasn't heavy on my pocket it. I chose the orange flavour out of the lot. And here's my honest review and result after using the lip balm.

The lip balm comes in a very cute and small glass tub. You have to dig in to do out balm! You can easily carry it in your pocket or even in a small purse! Go ahead use it for that extra boost of moisture and nourishment .

Consistency :
The orange balm has a relaxing and refreshing orange aroma. The lip balm has a orangish colour in it but once you apply it on your lips, you won't feel any tint on your lips. It's totally colorless no matter how much quantity you apply. 

What the lip balm claims to do:

  • We know orange has lightening and anti-oxidant properties
  • The product claims to moisturize and prevent your lips from chapping. 
  • The lip balm keeps the lips soft and healthy.  
  • Further orange lip balm lightens the colour of lips. People suffering from the problem of having dark coloured lips may definitely try this one out!

Experience after using this lip balm/ results:

  • It lives upto all the claims,it moisturized my lips immensely,brightened my lips , and prevented chapping.
  • I always apply this lip balm liberally before applying any lipstick or gloss,
  • I even apply this before going to bed so the next day I wake up my plump, moisturized lips.
  • The next time you see this Vaadi Herbal's lip balm at a shop make sure you pick it up from the shelf and use it.

Note : you need to use this consitently for best results

Price :

 6gms retails for 40INR. 
10gms retails for 52 INR.
It will last for a long time( depends on your use)

Plus points of using this lip balm:

 definitely lightens the colour of your lips 
● provides instant moisture to your chapped lips
● has a very mild and pleasant aroma
●lives up to its claims.
●its a herbal product with no toxic ingredient Downsides:
the tub packaging makes it a bit unhygienic 
 There were no other side effects!


A big thumbs up for this product!

Should you buy this?
yes.yes,yes without giving it a second thought, its herbal too!

Thank you for reading so far.  I will see you soon in another upcoming post.❤

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