December 7, 2019

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Review

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore rightly lives up to it's best reputation. 

We all have been a using Vaseline products for many long years by now. There's so many new variants of the original Vaseline bodylotion namely : aloe vera, cocoa, white, green tea and so on but still the original and classic Vaseline retains its demand in the cosmetic market and is always on the best seller list on top shopping websites. In this blog post we get to know some amazing features of this body lotion that makes it stand out from the rest in the market.

The classic Vaseline body lotion comes in various sizes with different types of dispensers. This product is even available in very miniature size which costs just 5 INR.
Basically it  comes in a light yellow coloured bottle with a blue flip cap . In 400 Ml bottles the dispenser is in a pump lock style.
I will suggest you to carry the smaller sizes for traveling purposes.

The cream is thick in consistency and is milky white in colour. It's not at all greasy and has a very pleasant smell.

400ml retails for 285 INR.
200ml retails for 185 INR.

Experience after using the product 
It has been my favourite product since  last 5 years specially during winters. It really nourishes my skin and provides hydration to  skin for long hours. The scratchy-ness is kept at bay after using this product.  Due to the heaviness of the product I would advise you to use this product specifically during the chilly winter seasons.

Plus points of using this body lotion
●cost effective
● Keeps your skin nourished
● effect lasts for long hours
●bottle is travel friendly 
● has a pleasant aroma

● it feels heavy on the skin and is best used only in winters.
●Contains mineral oil.

You should definitely give this a try, you wont regret.

Thank you for reading this so far❤ I will see you soon in an upcoming post. 

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