January 14, 2020

Must Have Products For 2020

A very happy and amazing new year to you.May you have a wonderful year ahead. 2020 is definitely going  to be your year!

Here I have listed some of the must have products for you, do check them out.

1. Lakme peach milk creme: Intense  skin moisturizer

This Lakme skin moisturizer and lotion has been an absolute favourite for many of us since very long,  ever since its launch. If you haven't given this product a try yet, now is the right time to do so. You will love the texture, fragnance and moisturizing ability of this Lakme product.

2. Wow hair science red onion black seed oil hair mask  :  a nourishing hair mask

Wow brand provides us with a hair mask which is parabens,mineral oil,sulphate and silicone free! That's amazing right? Here's my experience of using it - you may not see immediate results on your hair but eventually it will eliminate your hair problems . I have a detailed review on this mask here. You may try using this hair mask in any variant according to your hair problem.

3. Mineral oil free hair oil

Make it a point to use atleast one mineral oil free hair oil for taming your mane. Go use your favorite hair oil which suits you , just make sure to check out the ingredients used in it. I know oilling your hair can be time consuming and messy and even cause hairfall at times but it is very essential to nourish them from the very roots to encourage fresh hair growth.

4. A sunscreen 

The tremendous hot season is approaching soon to get us tanned. Not only does the hot scorching Rays darken our skin tone but also it can cause serious damages to our skin especially if you have a sensitive skin type. Do not forget to use a sunscreen after applying a moisturizer on your skin. Try picking up a sunscreen which gives you a non greasy matte feel on your skin. I will suggest you to use VlCC matte look depigmentation sunscreen, based on my own use I can assure you that you will be satisfied with the result.

5. Baby lips :A hydrating colour lip balm

 Choose any lip shade of your favourite colour from baby lips and it will serve you as a multipurpose product: you can apply ot as a blush, eyeshawdow and a lip tint too ! Plus it provides you with a intstant lip moisture boost . If not baby lips then go for the lip balm you love it's all the same.

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