February 16, 2020

Livon Shake and Spray Serum Review

'Livon' a brand name which brings back a lot of memories for most of us. A year back Livon launched a head turning product in the cosmetic industry A Shake and Spray Serum and ever since then it has been my absolute favourite . You will never know you needed this product unless you have used it!
In our hustle and bustle of the day,shampooing at every alternative day may not be an option, it where this Livon Spray jumps in to save our  day! This product has specially been formulated for no-shampoo days when you hair is frizzy,dull,dry and all over the place. Second day hair (the day after you shampoo) require this extra boost of moisturization to cut away those frizz which lead to further hairfall.

What urged me to buy this serum is that it is packed with Vitamin B and serum glossers which provides that ultra gloss to our hair! I suffer from the problem of frizzy and dry hair which leads to hairfall . This product brings life back to my hair.

The Livon Shake and Spray Serum comes in a medium size recyclable spray bottle. You can carry this spray anywhere you like for that extra boost of Vitamin B!

Fragrance and Consistency
This Livon spray has an amazing,perfumed fragrance which lingers on your hair after application for about 4-5 hours, which is quite effective for the price it costs us! The liquid is runny like water in its consistency.
 You will find two layers of liquid separated- one is the pink one which settles at the bottom, the other is the transparent fluid which floats at the top. Before you apply this serum on your mane, you have to shake it in order to mix both the fluids together. If you opt out of this step, the serum won't  give you satisfactory results.

Using this product
I have been using this spray for the last one year and have come up with 0 complains! Whenever my hair feels rough or dry I spray this on and it gives my hair an instant boost of moisture and gives a glossy look . The only concern I have regarding this product that one needs to re-apply after a gap of 3-4 hours. The silky smooth effect of this serum doesn't last all day long. For this you may need to carry this spray with you whenever you need!

Price of the product
50ml retails for 150 INR.

You may buy this at any online stores or a drug store near you. Although I would suggest you to buy this online because I doubt its availability at a physical cosmetic store.


  • Lives up to all its claims
  • cuts frizz
  • provides intant shine to your hair
  • cost effective
  • standard packaging
  • amazing fragrance 
  • Effect seems to fly off in some time and you need to re-apply a multiple times
You should definitely give his a try and will be a fan in sometime!


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