February 12, 2020

Myglamm Tint It Up Lip And Cheek Stain Review

Myglamm gifts us with an amazing revolutionary product: Tint It Up Lip and Cheek Stain. Shade : Flushed

I have been searching the market for quite a long time now for a perfect multi purpose tint which is affordable. Personally I feel, a good lip and Cheek tint can totally change your makeup game ! The results after applying tints or blushes are fantastic. 
These products imparts a fresh , youthful and natural glow to your face, is an absolute love!

Myglamm recently launched this lip and Cheek tint and I couldn't keep my hands off from buying this. Bonus: its Vegan, Cruelty free, PETA APPROVED! And suits all skin types and tones. In this post I will be all about telling you whether  it was really worth the bucks spent on it.

The product comes in a small glass bottle (recyclable)with a golden cap on it. 
The packaging looks very elite but we have a risk of dropping the bottle and spilling all the product! Just be careful while holding this. 

Fragnance & Consistency:
The tint is perfume free and has a very light fragnance which is pleasant. Melts into the skin when applied. Its consistency is not very runny like water but a little thick.

Results of using this tint:
This Lip and cheek tint( shade : Flushed) gives you a very natural , fresh glow to your skin. It suits all skin tones and you will never regret buying this.
 I used it both on lips and the apple of the cheeks and I am impressed by the way it turned out! To get the desired effect you may have to apply 2 layers of this tint due to its thin consistency.
The shade flushed works for every occasion , be it your office or college days.

This is a no-filter picture on how it looked on me.

Staying power: the colour on cheeks will last for the whole day unless there is excessive sweating on the face.  As per the lips ,it won't stay after a meal.

For using the product as a lip tint, I suggest you should apply it before using a lipstick or a gloss for increasing the staying power.

8.5 ml retails for 695 INR.
It exclusively retails on MYGLAMM app  or web store.

Bonus- if your are buying for the first time from Myglamm you can get this at 395 only or less! 
Click here to avail the discount and while checking out use code : FIRST150 to get flat 150 INR OFF! ( I won't earn any commission from this code)

Plus point for
  • PETA APPROVED Cruelty free and vegan
  • perfume free
  • suits all skin types and tones
  • doesn't cause any irritation or rashes even after a long stay on skin
  • melts into skin and gives a very natural looking glow, which is very much appreciated
  • within a normal budget
  • The product is only available on the Myglamm app or webstore.
  • And is a bit expensive 

Ratings: 4.5/5.

I am in love with this tint. Have been using this for the last few months almost everyday! the outcome is always fabulous. Even on days when I do not do a full fledged makeup, I always apply a hint of this tint over a layer of CC cream and I am  ready for the day.

Will I suggest you to buy this?
Definitely, go for it,you will love this one.

Thank you for reading so far. This was a non-sponsored review for a product I recently bought.

Your comments are welcome. If you want me to review a product your choice click here .

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