March 10, 2020

Biotique Natural Makeup Magicolor Lipstick Review| Shade : Creamy Cup

 Definitely a good news for all Biotique product lovers when we heard them launching it's new natural makeup line.

Recently they launched their exclusive range of natural lipsticks in 15 vibrant shades and we can't stop raving about them.
Best part: This lipsticks are 100% cruelty free,silicon free and totally organic! 
Therefore no place for after-dramas !

Without any further ado let's dive into the detailed review of the lip color.

The lipsticks come in a cute small box packaging and the product comes in a pink outward package! This is travel friendly and you can carry it anywhere for that reapplication if required.

Fragrance and colour:
It has a very unique,pleasant fragnance which you can smell immediately after you apply the colour to your lips. And a creamy consistency.
The fragrance makes it obvious that this lipstick is safe to use and is formulated using natural and harmless products .

I tried the shade: Creamy Cup
*its a shade between brownish colors and red-tones ones.

4gm retails for 125 INR.

What the brand claims:
  • Magicolor is skincare-infused. Made up of all-natural colour pigments which nourish lips with every application(somewhat true)
  • Creamy formula ensures ultra smooth application (true)
  • These vibrant moisture-rich shades hydrates and nourishes the lips keeping it supple all (true)
  • Biotique Magicolor is pigmented with organic smudge-proof formula(false)
  • 100% organic, silicon-free, cruelty-free(absolutely true)

My Experience:
The Biotique lipstick has a high colour payoff, vibrant shade and a almost- glossy finish. It's a bit creamy in nature which I like the most and doesn't dry or crack lips.
As long as the color is on your lips, they feel a bit hydrated but as soon as it is off ,it renders the lips very dry. In this price range I guess it's a pretty good initiative of Biotique to launch the natural lipsticks.
What I disliked is that the colour doesn't stay ,it transfers very easily and is not smudge proof.  You may need to reapply after a light meal. Otherwise it's an amazing lip colour option .

  • Very affordable 
  • Natural,cruelty free,silicone free, organic
  • Hydrates your lips
  • Pigmented shade
  • Colour doesn't stay long,transfers easily
  • After makeup removal,  the lips may crack and become extremely dry
  • Doesn't add to lip care as claimed. 

Should you buy this
We can easily trust Biotique when it comes to their cruelty free,silicon free products. You can definitely give the lipstick a try if you are looking for a high colour payoff one.❤

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