April 24, 2020

Beat the Heat This Summer With These Skin care tips| Must have products

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Looking for the perfect products /tips this summer? Look no further , we have it all sorted
Summer seasons usually a huge toil on our face and body and mainly  lead to excessive sun tans, fungal infections , spreading of acnes among other ailments. This is definitely the time to be taking extra care of your face and body.

Our skin tends to secrete more facial oils and that in turns makes our skin oilier.
Listed down are some tips that will surely help you in these desperate times!

Note: even if you are indoors most of the time , don't miss your skincare routine!
Remember Consistency is the key.

1. Cleanse your face but don't over do it

Even people with dry skin feels a sudden secretion of facial oils on their face which in turn clogs the pores.
The T zone of our face is the oiliest. We need to wash our face with a cleanser at least 2 times and maximum 3 times. Over doing this step will strip your skin of the essential facial oils.

Recommended: Biotique Honey Gel Foaming Facewash at 119 INR.
Mamaearth Ubtan Facewash for 249 INR

2.Tone and moisturize your face

Toning and Moisturising brings out that healthy glow in our skin.
Toning your skin is essential, if you are someone who never used toner before, how is the time to add it to your beauty regime. Try choosing an alcohol free toner. A toner maintains the right pH level of your skin and keeps it at its purest state.

Recommended: Biotique Pore Tightening Toner with Himalayan Water priced at 175 INR or
Plum Green Tea Alcohol free Toner priced at 390 INR.

Sometimes you may feel like applying Moisturisers are make you sweat a lot and therefore skipping it will be fine . Please do not do this, this step will render your face drier than before.

Recommended: Pond's light moisturizer at 120 INR or
Mamaearth Oil-free Face Moisturiser priced at 299 INR.
For your body you may try-
Kama Ayurveda Mandarin Vetiver Moisturizer

3. Always , always, always apply a sunscreen.
This step is not to be missed at all.
I agree applying some sunscreen makes our face sweat more.  Choose a non comedogenic sunscreen especially if you are suffering from acne.

Recommended: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock sunscreen at 199 INR or
Vlcc matte look sunscreen

4. Use a face pack / clay mask

Using a face mask during summer is most beneficial now. Profuse sweating may clog our pores and lead to blackheads or whiteheads.
Try using any face mask of your choice.
 You can even make one DIY with all homemade natural ingredients available in your kitchen.

Recommended: Nykaa Clay it Cool mask priced at 599 INR OR
Himalaya Neem face pack priced at 75 INR. ( This product has been my favorite since the time I suffered from acne, I can never find a substitute for this )

5. Keep applying lipbalm

To everyone who needs to hear this: Your lips need equal amount of nourishment both during summers and winters. Try using a lipbalm which has some amount of SPF in it before stepping out. Keeping your lips bare may cause then to crack even more.
Apply your favorite all time lip balm for this summer.


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