June 26, 2020

Acne, PCOS, Dusky Skin Tone And Anxiety

This blog is dedicated to all those amazing people out there who are battling it out!

Omg! What happened to your face?

Your face looks so swollen.

Why don't you use medication to reduce your acnes?

Try using some skin brightening techniques!

You look so tanned!

Always use sunscreen or you are gonna get another shade darker skin tone!

Try using makeup to cover up all these pimples.

You should go see a doctor!
Madam/sir you should use this product because your skin looks terrible- every beauty counter personnel 
Relatable much? I know. I face them too. 
Every single day. 

Some People think we don't look at our faces in the mirror every morning.  Sorry to break it to you but we are aware of all the bumps, patches and acnes on our skin! And our skin tone too!

We don't need reminders every time you pass by us or see a picture of us!

When I was younger , these lines used to have a havoc impact on me. I kept on thinking what my neighbours commented about my skin tone and its problems.  

Growing up I have always been a kid who would go out to play every evening.  I am sure it was a similar case about you? 

I had a tanned complexion which made people question me why don't I use something to lighten my skin tone. I turned a deaf ear to them!

People and their obsession with fair skin! 

Earlier in 2017, I was diagnosed with PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome)my skin started breaking out pretty badly. I tried out every possible anti-acne treatment but somehow nothing seemed to help me!
I would cry sometimes looking at my pathetic situation. I suffered from anxiety. The only way I looked better was by patting a thick layer of foundation over my face. 

No it didn't help me to have a better mental health because as soon as I washed off my makeup, there I was standing bare faced and looking at my skin which seemed to be even more inflamed!

Years have passed by since then. I have learned to accept my skin the way it looks. Took me time but I am here now! I attend my college lectures without a single drop of makeup on my skin because I am not afraid to show what my real skin looks like!

Don't get me wrong I still love doing my makeup. I love creating looks. But just a reminder that you can love yourself both ways!❤

No I am not a girl with extraordinare facial features but a girl who knows what it feels like when you are already at a battle with yourself.

The most important thing I learned is be kind to yourself,  love yourself,  you are beautiful and we are not in a rat race! We grow and glow at our own pace❤

P.s- never listen to beauty counter personnels. They often lie to sell out their products.πŸ˜‚


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  1. Loved reading it♥️. Acceptance is the ultimate solution.

  2. This is really worth a read..!!😊❤loved it ...:)

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