September 4, 2020

Loreal Rapid Reviver Total Repair 5 Deep Conditioner Review

The Loreal rapid reviver conditioner is the hair care product for the new generation! So rightly formulated and produced. Our lives seems to move much faster now and we hardly get enough time to stop and care for ourselves. 

Self care is so important, guys! Take a day off or read a book, watch a series and so on! 

Now getting back on the track , I have been using the loreal total repair 5 shampoo for a long time and it's one of the best cleanser for my hair type(dry and fine). Currently I got my hands on the Rapid Reviver Conditioner and here's the review for you guys. 


Comes in a tube packaging with a sturdy flip cap.The tube is quite big and might be problem for taking it on travels. Overall a sturdy standard packaging.

Fragrance and Consistency:

The consistency is like a thick spa salon cream.Its so creamy in texture and glides smoothly on the hair. The fragrance is so amazing, i have been hoked to it ever since.


180ml retails for 240 INR.

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As said by the  brand themselves-

  • It is the 1st daily conditioner that provides 2X more Repair to your hair
  • Infused with micro-ceramide serum which helps repair damaged hair
  • 2 times more visible results.

My Experience with Conditioner:
I really liked the improved total repair 5 conditioner,especially the fragrance that we are treated to. I washed off the conditioner immediately after applying from the lengths to the ends, leaving my scalp region.

It did keep up to the claims, when the brand said this conditioner does not require any leave in time. My hair felt a lot softer and smoother instantly. After completely drying off my hair, the fragrance was still there. By this time you must think that i am obsessed with the Fragrance which i am! hehe.

The conditioner did not play much part in repairing my hair and controlling the frizz specially in this monsoon season. But it did put up with the other claims.

  • affordable,cost effective
  • makes hair smooth and soft
  • no leave in time required
  • amazing fragrance
  • does not control frizz
  • does not cut down on dryness or hairfall.
Rating- 4/5. Definitely a product worth buying.

Would i repurchase? yes surely i would.

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