March 8, 2021

Deyga Organics Beetroot Lip Balm Review | Organic Skincare Products

Slowly consumers of beauty and wellness products are becoming more and more conscious of what they are applying to their skin and hair .

Deyga Organics is one such brand who has carved out a niche for itself when it comes to the organic beauty world. When this brand was founded,the creator , Arthi Raguram kept her goals in mind about having clean and toxic free ingredient and complete transparency in each and every step of processing.

Deyga Organics Aloevera Gel and Beetroot Lipbalm 

I have recently used the Deyga Organics Beetroot Lipbalm and here's a detailed review of the product based on my experience. 


The Deyga Organics Beetroot Lipbalm comes in a standard size eco friendly and recyclable tub packaging which is amazing! It's totally travel friendly with no chances of product leakage. I would highly recommend you to take this with you if you are planning to travel somewhere.

Fragnance, Colour and Consistency:

The Beetroot lipbalm is absolutely fragrance free be it artificial or natural and that's what makes Deyga Organics  stand out in the market. 

The lipbalm has a light reddish tint to it and imparts a hint of colour to the lips when applied. The consistency of this lip balm is just perfect. 


•Almond oil
•Avocado oil
•Jojoba oil
•Shea butter
•Beetroot extract


The Deyga Organics Beetroot lipbalm only retails on their official website. To buy click here.
20 gms retails for 290 INR.

Claims made by the brand Deyga Organics:

  • It is ideal for people with dry and chapped lips.
  • It leaves a subtle shine on the lips.
  • It makes the lips soft and supple.
  • Heals the cuts on the lips caused due to dryness.

My experience after using Deyga Organics Beetroot Lipbalm:

This is the first time I used a lipbalm which had no added fragrance but only pure goodness. The clean ingredient list, the transparency in processing is what really appealed to me!

I always suffered from dry and chapped lips through all seasons and this product has been my ultimate saviour. Through consistent use of this product I could literally notice a major difference on my lips! They are a lot more softer and supple too. 

• Affordable, cost effective 
•Organic product
• Pure ingredients 
•Makes lips softer and heals chapped lips
•Imparts a hint of colour


The Deyga Organics Beetroot Lipbalm is only available on their official website.
Rating: 4.9/5 ☆


Yes, definitely. You should try this . I am sure you'll find it benefitting. 

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