April 24, 2021

Seer Secrets Probiotic Root Strengthening Onion Shampoo Review | Hairfall control, anti-dandruff, hair growth shampoo

A good hair day can instantly change the tone of our day, right? A squeaky clean,fresh and moisturized scalp can help us achieve that look. I have been trying out the Seer Secrets Probiotic Root Strengthening Shampoo for a while.

Seer Secrets is a leading Indian brand which aims at providing wellness to its consumers through the benefits of ancient herbs. Their amazing formulations which is free from any sorts of chemicals and toxins makes it beneficial to the consumers in the market.                                      

Here's my detailed take on the Seer Secrets Probiotic Root Strengthening Onion Shampoo with onion, yogurt and curry leaves.


 First of all, I am in love with the overall packaging. The outer packaging is cylindrical in shape with tin lids on both the ends, its extremely sturdy.

The shampoo comes in a transparent bottle with a pump which makes it's easier to use. 

Overall it's definitely a travel friendly packaging with no chance of product spilling.

Consistency, fragrance and colour:

The Seer Secrets Probiotic Root Strengthening Onion Shampoo has a perfect consistency which makes it neither too thick nor too runny.

It has such a divine soothing fragrance which lingers on for hours after shampooing.

The shampoo is white in color with a slight silver ting to it.

Product Benefits:

  • Reduces hairfall-onion stimulates the scalp,promotes blood circulation and hair regrowth. Plant keratin makes it frizz free
  • Makes hair soft- gentle surfactants cleanse hair and scalp without stripping it of natural oils
  • Strengthens hair- loaded with plant keratin,  prevents damage caused due to washing. 

Significant Features of the brand:

  • Made in India 
  • Cruelty free
  • Dermatologically tested 
  • No parabens and sulphate
  • Authentic ayurvedic formualtion


200 ML retails for 450 INR.

Available on Amazon, Nykaa and Seer Secret's official website. 

Click here to buy.

My experience after using the Seer Secrets Onion Shampoo:

I loved how the shampoo is formulated(enriched with onion,curry leaves and  yougurt and free from toxins)and how it worked on my hair. I have an oily scalp and dry, brittle ends. 

Every other shampoo tends to strip away my natural oils and make my lengths and ends even drier and dull. But that is not the case with this shampoo.

This product moisturizes my ends so well and cleanses the scalp just perfectly. The fact that its sulphates,parabens and silicone free is like a cherry on topping. 

So you know while using a Seer Secrets product that's its completely made of safe ingredients.

Overall it did clean my mane,reduce my dandruff issue to an extent.Moisturized the hair and imparted a divine fragrance. I am sure with consistent use it will show signs of hair growth too.


  • Cost effective 
  • Chemicals and toxic ingredients free
  • No sulphates and parabens
  • Cruelty free
  • Soothing fragrance which lingers on for hours (not too overwhelming)
  • Uses ancient herbs
  • Detangles hair easily


  • Available only on selected online ecommerce platforms

Rating: 4.8/5☆

Will I repurchase and suggest you to buy it?

Yes definitely worth your bucks. Surely gonna order my next bottle of shampoo soon.

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