April 27, 2021

Seer Secrets Tissue Balm Oil Review | Enriched with Wintergreen Chaulmogra and Jatamansi.

Our daily life schedule can sometimes have a havoc effect on our bodies. Immense pain overtakes our body. We experience deep muscle pain and cramps. It's quite natural to feel it. 

Recently I have been using the Seer Secrets Tissue Balm oil which is specially formulated to neutralize chronic pain in the body. Further more this oil is formulated with Wintergreen Chaulmogra and Jatmansi.


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Seer Secrets is a leading Indian brand which aims at providing wellness to its consumers through the benefits of ancient herbs. Their amazing formulations which is free from any sorts of chemicals and toxins makes it beneficial to the consumers in the market. 

Here's my detailed take on the Seer Secrets Deep Tissue Balm oil.


The oil comes in a cylindrical outer package with tin lids.That can be recycled and reused in so many ways.The oil comes in  a transparent bottle with pump packaging which makes the application easier.I absolutely loved the packaging concept of Seer Secrets.


The oil has a medium consistency and doesn't feel greasy or tack on the skin at all. It gets absorbed pretty easily.

It has a very natural fragrance which is not too overwhelming. Just the perfect fragrance.The deep tissue balm oil has a yellow tint to it due to the oils included in its ingredient list. 

Benefits as claimed by the brand:

  • Increases blood flow into the muscles 
  • Strengthens nervous system 
  • It gives relief from spasms &related ailments as well
  • This oil works as a perfect companion for the body by giving instant pain relief.


100ml retails for 559 INR. 

Its available for purchase on My Nykaa, Amazon, and on their official  Seer Secrets website.

Click here to buy 

My experience after using the Seer Secrets Deep Tissue Balm oil:

I have been using this oil religiously atleast once in a day after taking a bath and I have noticed a significant change this oil does on controlling muscle pain and reducing them to such an extent that you would think the pain never existed. All I did was massage the oil a bit after applying so that it increases blood circulation.

This oil has the perfect amalgamation of ingredients such as Chaulmogra(soothes skin disorders) and jatamansi( strengthens the nervous system).

I love how this oil doesn't feel greasy at all. This doesn't even sit on the skin feeling tacky. This oil gets absorbed perfectly and even moisturizes the area. At times I even use it as a body oil regardless of the fact that it's a pain relief. Gives a relaxed feeling to the muscles. 


  • Cost effective 
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients 
  • Cruelty free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Not greasy or tacky at all
  • Has a natural fragrance
  • Gives a cooling effect
  • Even moisturizes the skin
  • Has a pump packaging which makes the application process easy.



Rating: 4.9/5☆

Should I repurchase and suggest you to buy it?

Yes yes. Definitely. I loved how this worked on neutralizing pain. 

If you are some who faces muscle pain, stress, skin disorders  on a daily basis, this is definitely the oil you should reach out for.

Click here to check it out.

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