August 9, 2021

Merit Vco Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut oil review

One just cannot overlook the benefits of a good head massage with pure cold pressed  coconut oil. Over the years we have seen how wonderful consistent use of coconut oil can be. Coconut oil can be used in various other ways and its never restricted to just haircare and skincare.

I have been using the Merit Extra virgin cold pressed oil and my experience has been nothing short of amazing! It has literally transformed my hair and skin health and I am not even kidding. It's such a versatile product. 

Read on to find out a detailed review-


The Merit Vco Coconut oil comes in a clear sturdy plastic bottle with a screw cap. Its smallest sized bottle is travel friendly with almost no chance of leakage.

Color, fragrance, consistency:

The oil is colorless and is fragrance free.  It's in the purest form possible. It has a very lightweight consistency and gets absorbed into the scalp and skin seamlessly.

Features(as mentioned by the brand):

  • 100% pure cold pressed oil (Extracted from coconut milk)
  • Pure cold pressed
  • GMO free, No addictives
  • Without gmo, no addictives


The Merit Vco oil is available for purchase in 3 different sizes across various online ecommerce platforms. 

250 ml retails for 210 INR.

500 ml retails for 395 INR.



My experience after using the Merit Vco Coconut oil:

I have been using this oil for my haircare precisely. Usually I like to give myself a head massage with this oil and keep it on for atleast 8 - 9 hours. Sometimes I even leave it overnight and wash it off in the next morning. Consistent use of this oil helped me cut down on roughness and reduced the tangles in my hair. 

Besides using it for haircare , you can also use it as a body oil. It's an excellent body conditioner and nourishes it amazingly!


  • Makes hair so manageable within a few uses
  • Nourishes skin
  • Helps in oil pulling,  can also be used in cooking
  • Reduces frizziness in hair
  • Pure cold Pressed oil
  • Affordable 
  • Travel friendly 


  • Is not available locally and you can get your hands on this oil from selected ecommerce platforms. 

Otherwise I have been using this oil for quite a long time and I loved it. It has become a major staple in my skincare and haircare routine. 

Rating: 4.9/5 ☆ 

Would I suggest you to buy this oil?

Yes, ofcourse a thousand times. Go ahead make a purchase and I am sure you will absolutely see a difference.

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Thank you so much for reading. 

This article/is solely based on my individual use, kindly patch test before using.

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