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Product feedbacks help you choose Before You Buy a product. To help you understand the way i rate every product, I would like to explain them a bit. Each  product is reviewed out of 5:

☆1 star: I never rate a product 1 star .

Some products may not work for my skin type or I may be allergic to any ingredients used, that is entirely dependent on my skin. 

An immense amount of hardwork goes into creating each consumer product and bringing them into the cosmetic world and no product is formulated in a way to harm the people. 
I never trash a product.

☆☆2 stars: A product is rated 2 stars only when it created no difference or did not live upto its claims. I personally have a lot of expectations from every thing i buy and get really upset when it uses false claims to increase their sales.

☆☆☆3 stars: A Good Product
 I will definitely buy a 3 star rated product again because it met all expectations and fulfilled all the claims it made. Also i loved it!

☆☆☆☆4 stars: An Amazing Product
You should definitely give these products a try. I assure you won't regret! They did not cause any allergies or rashes and rarely have cons. 

☆☆☆☆☆5 stars : A Miraculous Product

 I am absolutely in awe of thee product i rate 5 stars. It was definitely beneficial. loved it. You can opt for this anytime.

That's it for the ratings, I hope it helps you in judging any product well.❤

(A note: I rate the products completely based on my own use)

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