March 2, 2020

Your Complete Holi Guide 2020| Tips and Tricks|Skincare|Haircare | Holi Key Liye Kuch Tips

'Tis' the season of colour! The festival of Holi and Rangolis. And how we love it.That time of the year where we play Balam pichkari and Rang Barshe on full volume!

Now before we get drenched in coloured water and holi colours(gulal) let's talk about some precautions we all need to take to prevent damage to our skin, face and  hair.

The strong chemicals used in formulating the colors are harmful to the human skin and can affect us in a havoc way. Frizzy and damaged hair, tanned skin and discolored arms and and fingers are just some of the after effects
Here are some tips that will allow you to keep safe and protect your skin and hair from any kind of damage so that you can you can play a tension free holi and let ALL BALAM PICHKARI'S OUT!❤

1. Apply a light oil all over your hands and body upto your toes
 you may choose to apply oil overnight or atleast 30 minutes before stepping out . Make sure you use a light weighted oil so that it doesn't make your skin feel sticky or heavy. But do not miss this step ever. Water colours may seep deep into your skin layers and create havoc, and destroy the protective layer of skin.

You can use:
Bio Skincare Oil -200 ml retails for 950 INR   or
Vaadi Herbals Aromatherapy Body Oil-50 ml retails for 85 INR.
(Both are equally good just serving different purposes)

2.Apply a moisturizer and suncreen
Start prepping your skin with a nourishing moisturizer and most positively finish it off by applying a sunscreen. Make sure to run your fingers through your hair strands to apply the leftover sunscreen. This step helps protect the hair from sun damage too.
You can use :
Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry Touch Sunblock 50+ - 30ml retails for 199 INR.   OR

LAKME Sun Expert Ultra Matte SPF 40 pa+++ compact-  retails for 220 INR.

3. Apply atleast two coats of nail paints to both finger and toe nails
We often find the stubborn colours sticking to our hands and mainly to our nail cuticles to prevent such happenings do  keep your nails painted so that the colours can't go deep in your nail cuticles .
You can use:
Elle 18 Nail Pops Nail Polish- retails for 50 INR. Or

Beauty people nail polish retails for 35 INR.
You can get this from OrangeSomething at extra 5% discount when you use my code OSSONCHARY01 during checkout!( I won't earn anything)

4. Applying An oil in conditioner to  your hair strands from roots to tips
 Some may suggest you to oil your hair locks vigorously but then how can we style in oil drenched hair?
An oil in conditioners are those revolutionary products which keep your mane  hydrated and nourished and remove colours faster.You can opt for them
You can use:

Parachute Advansed Coconut Creme Oil for Hair 150ml retails for 120 INR.  OR

Pantene Open Hair Miracle 180ML Retails for 190 INR.

5.Cover your hair with a cap or a scarf
Playing Holi doesn't end in mere 1-2 hours. We all stay out under the scorching sun for atleast 3-4 hours and so you definitely need to take optimum protection to prevent  hair getting damaged. Use a fashionable cap or scarf that gives you both protection and adds up to your style.

The artificial colours used in making Gulals are a Strict No No , This Holi I am sure you will play with safe herbal colours or even can make some on your own. I also urge you to make sure your friends play with safe colours and not mix anything and everything they like !
I just have one earnest request please do not throw gulal or water balloons on stray dogs,cats or any other animals out there! That's not cool.

With this note I wish you all a very Happy and safe Holi, enjoy this day with your close loved ones. ❤

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